Wags enters a Cross Country Race

Wags Tries Cross Country Running

Where's the finish line?

Barker: Now remember Wags this isn’t a sprint, you’ve got to conserve your energy
Wags: So I can take it easy then, blend into the countryside, perhaps take a nap?
Barker: Think of it as a game of chess, you don’t want to make your move too early, but can’t leave it too late
Wags: I fall asleep when we play chess…
Barker: Another way to think of it Wags, is do you remember where we buried that bone the other day?
Wags: I do, I do…it was right over by those trees.
Barker: Well the first one to get to the bone can eat it!

Barker and Wags are here to help all dogs with mobility issues.


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