Dog Mobility and Glucosamine Supplements

Dogs are wonderful characters that try to enjoy life to the full. In fact they are so full of life that it is actually quite difficult to tell the true extent of a problem they may have. They still treat us with love and affection and it may be difficult to tell if they are suffering.

Unfortunately, due to breeding, processed food diets and the new role of the domesticated pet, many more dogs are suffering from joint pain, arthritis and dysplasia. This may be from illness, injury, congenital disease or simply old age and large pedigree breeds are the most susceptible.

Given a dog’s high pain threshold it may be difficult to identify the extent of an injury or illness without resorting to an x-ray, however there are a number of signs that an owner can look for including: 

  • Mobility issue e.g. not willing to climb stairs, falling behind on walks, not wanting to play
  • General lethargy
  • Limping
  • Difficulty getting up from a lying down position
  • Reluctance to allow petting   

The most frequent mobility issue suffered by dogs is referred to as degenerative joint disease (DJD) also known as osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) which is where the structure of a joint is worn down by illness, injury or general wear and tear to the extent where a dog’s natural rejuvenation and repair is insufficient to get back to normal function. 

As in humans cartilage is the principal shock absorber in a dog’s joints and mobility issues arise when this is worn away and not replaced by the dog’s body. Cartilage is necessary in joints to cushion and prevent bones from rubbing against each other. The main constituent of cartilage is glucosamine which is a naturally occurring amino sugar found in the body of living animals. It is concentrated most in the cartilage and is believed to provide the building blocks to synthesize new cartilage development. 

A young healthy dog will produce enough glucosamine and other essential vitamins and minerals to repair and replace old and damaged cartilage. In a dog suffering from DJD, the dog is unable to make enough of the substance itself and can benefit from receiving a supplement containing glucosamine. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin have been successfully used to treat DJD in humans and dogs for several decades. In an ageing dog or one suffering from dysplasia the body’s natural replacement process is impaired and naturally occurring glucosamine is more difficult to extract. So the additional glucosamine and chondroitin is absorbed into a dog’s body to repair and rebuild cartilage and other tissue. Supplementing glucosamine in ageing dogs can significantly prolong an active life by halting the degeneration of old cartilage and promoting new cartilage growth. 

A glucosamine supplement can take different forms such as tablets, pellets / powder and liquid options. The dosage strength can also vary and should be administered dependent on the condition of the dog. Often other active ingredients form part of the supplement and consideration should be given to the overall benefits a particular supplement may offer. 

Glucosamine supplement products are often referred to as neutraceuticals as they imply health and medical benefits. They can often produce significant results within 2-4 weeks of taking them. There appear to be no recorded side effects for these supplements and they are widely recommended by veterinarians throughout the world. 

Barker and Wags LeapDOG Natural Joint Nutrition is a neutraceutical maintenance supplement specifically for dogs suffering from or likely to suffer from any form of joint pain including DJD, arthritis and hip or elbow dysplasia. The formula includes glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Vitamin C alongside other active ingredients, vitamins and minerals in an easily digestible oat-based pellet form that is quickly absorbed into a dog’s body. LeapDOG can be given to all dogs for a healthy more active life. Results are often seen within 3 weeks from taking the supplement. 

Barker and Wags LeapDOG Natural Joint Nutrition is available in 300g re-sealable pouches. Try Barker and Wags dog food supplement and if you are not satisfied get your money back.


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